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by wwwadmin
3 years ago

Before making a name for himself working for the company who makes The Sims video game, T.F. Stallkamp made a name for his unforgettable lead character, Ernest Rent, in his machinima series, “The Fixer.” Phil Rice was honored to be chosen to be the Producer on the third chapter of the iconic series, which featured a score by some spectacular Magnatune artists, a brilliant acting performance by the inimitable Ricky Grove, and sound design and engineering by Phil Rice.

“Soon after the first episode of The Fixer dropped, Phil offered some encouraging words on his Podcast. Soon after we were popping emails. This is where The Fixer became collaborative. It’s where my work became our work. We re-recorded everything. Phil brought in sound design, re-scored, made the work ownable. We had some “success” on the festival circuit. Because of The Fixer, I’m a Creative Director at Electronic Arts – still flying cameras in virtual spaces and spinning tales. Phil is a big part of my life’s story. I blame him for everything.” – T.F. Stallkamp