Custom crafted animation productions

Complete production package, customized to your needs

  • Script writing and editing

  • Customized characters and voice acting

  • Video ready for online distribution


Composition for Film, Video, and Radio

License our existing works, or commission one of your own.

  • Wide range of styles and genres

  • With or without vocals

  • High quality ready-to-use masters

Sound Effects

Sound Design & Engineering

Soundscapes for everything from short advertisements to full length features.


High Quality Voice Recording

Voice acting for video, tonal and regional variety, for a variety of applications

Audio Restoration

“Cassette Rescue” service


Sound design services for Disney English animated e-book publications from 2007-2009

“Phil composed the music for my two noir inspired animated shorts, 'Clockwork' and 'Clockwise'. He was a pleasure to work with and absolutely nailed the sound of the era. He even went above and beyond, recording two original songs, which he performed in the style of a 1940s jazz singer. His nostalgic, moody, and evocative music did much of the heavy lifting in creating the mood and atmosphere of the dark, noir-tinged world of the films.” – Harrison Heller

When Phil Rice saw a pre-release screening of Andre Pesch’s short machinima film, “The Days After,” he expressed a concern about the film’s use of copyrighted music and how that might hurt the film’s chances for wider exposure. On the strength of a referral from the film’s lead voice actor, Ricky Grove, Andre agreed to let Phil offer up an original score for the film’s final release. “The Days After” went on to receive critical acclaim and won the Bitfilm Festival Machinima Award in 2006.

Sound design, sound engineering and incidental music for BloodSpell (2007) by Strange Company.

Wikipedia // IMDB

“When I asked Phil to compose some music for a movie ('The Remake') I wasn’t quite sure what I needed, so the description of my idea was pretty foggy, confusing and a bit absurd.

So what did he come up with, you ask?

Not only did Phil nail exactly what I wanted by creating a wonderful piece, but what’s more; he somehow read my thoughts. I had a feeling that he understood my concept even better than I did.

May I mention that prior to making the music he had not seen one single frame of it? It is simply amazing.” – Tom Jantol

“Soon after the first episode of The Fixer dropped, Phil offered some encouraging words on his Podcast. Soon after we were popping emails. This is where The Fixer became collaborative. It’s where my work became our work. We re-recorded everything. Phil brought in sound design, re-scored, made the work ownable. We had some “success” on the festival circuit. Because of The Fixer, I’m a Creative Director at Electronic Arts – still flying cameras in virtual spaces and spinning tales. Phil is a big part of my life’s story. I blame him for everything.” – T.F. Stallkamp

In the mid 2000’s, one of the longest running popular machinima series made in the game Grand Theft Auto was “PEDS.” Phil Rice enjoyed providing several incidental music tracks for one season of this popular web series, helmed by CJ Ambrosia – himself a talented musician, voice actor, and director.

Since 1998, the 50+ films produced by Z-Studios have been a vehicle to showcase the writing, acting, animation, sound design, music composition, and overall production skills employed here at ZS Media Services.


ZS Media Services brings together decades of experience in the production of music, video, and sound.

Our work has been featured in over seventy independent short films, many of which have garnered attention and critical acclaim at film festivals and exhibitions all over the world. We’ve produced a handful of full length commercial music albums in Nashville TN and a 30+ episode entertainment podcast, sound design for Disney English audiobooks, and audio engineering for a feature length animated film produced in the United Kingdom. Many of our music compositions are available for Creative Commons and Extended licensing over at Plus we perform and produce a pop/rock singer/songwriter venture known as Mad Hominem.

We love what we do, and we’d love to work with you.

Phil Rice, Producer


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